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The Story Behind The Name "Sharp Plant"

We have transitioned from The Tiny Human to Sharp Plant Designs. I promise I didn't get rid of The Tiny Human. I love the name too much and it's very near and dear to my heart. The Tiny Human now houses our kids line.

When I started off as The Tiny Human 2.5 years ago I was making things mostly for kids. There were a few items for Moms. Most of the products I offered were in children's retail.  I still make many of those items today. The services and types of products currently offered have started to expand beyond children's retail. Given that we now offer a broader range of services and products it was time for the business name to reflect that. 

My husband, who is also my business partner, and I ran through lots of different names. The one name that stuck was Sharp Plant. The reason it stuck is it means something to both of us. My maiden name is LaPlante (which is French for The Plant). When we were getting married and expecting our first tiny human. I was trying to figure out do I keep my last name, do I hyphenate my last name. In thinking about hyphenating my last name to LaPlante-Sharp or Sharp-LaPlante. I started to get silly and started combining our last names to make new ones. One of the many configurations was Sharp-Plant. It stuck around in an unofficial capacity. When my husband and I hive-five we'll say "Go Team Sharp Plant" 

Why the pineapple as an icon? Pineapples are sharp plants. Which my husband and I discovered on a trip to Hawaii. Workers out in the pineapple fields wear long pants, long sleeves and work gloves to protect themselves from the sharp leaves of the pineapple plant. I also grew up in Williamsburg, VA. Which is has used a pineapple in their logos for decades. The pineapple is something that calls back to my childhood and fond memories. Also pineapple is a sign of hospitality and welcoming. I do try to offer excellent customer services to all of my customers. 


Pineapples are Sharp Plants

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