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Floor Pillows-A DIY Toutorial

Floor Pillows-A DIY Toutorial

For Easter I made my boys memory foam filled floor pillows to give them a space to read, play, and hangout. 
They love hanging out on them and snuggling up with a blanket.
The floor pillows measure 4'x4'x6"

Floor Pillow
When I made this I made a pillow filled with shredded memory foam and then a cover for the floor pillow. 
When I made made the pillow I had 2-4'x4' cut pieces of cotton broad cloth. Since the pillows are light colored I used white cotton broad cloth. For the side pieces I used 44"x6.5" pieces of broad cloth. 


  1. Rotary cutters
  2. Scissors
  3. Thread
  4. 80/12 or 90/14 needle
  5. Lining Fabric-Broad cloth, plain cotton woven fabric 3 yards
  6. Exterior Fabric
  7. Top and Bottom 2.5-3 yards
  8. Side 1 yard
  9. 4- 22" closed end zippers
  10. Shredded Memory Foam (15"x15"x72")

Assembling the pillow/pillow case

If you don't have a cover stitch/serger combo you can serger and then use a straight stitch. If you don't have a serger you can zig-zag stitch and then straight stitch. You can use pinking sheers or pinking rotary cutter that will prevent and help the fabric not fray.

I looked specifically for 60" canvas fabric to accommodate the size I wanted to make. Some canvas fabrics are 44"

STEP 1-Sew the sides (Coordinating Fabric)
Sew the side pieces together first. I used my Babylock evolve and had a 4 thread serge and chain stitch set up. I sewed the right sides of the fabric together and created a box with the coordinating fabric.

STEP 2-Install Zippers
Install 2-22" zippers at the corner. You will want to place them on one of the corners. See the diagram below. The area highlighted in red where the zippers should be placed. The toggles meet at the corner. It's important that the corners meet together. You can the corner to be able to "peel" open so you can stuff it with the memory foam for the pillow or stuffing the pillow inside the pillow case. 


Tutorial How to Install a Zipper:



STEP 3-Sewing the top and bottom to the sides
With the right side of the fabrics together you want to join the top(bottom) to the side. As you get closer to the corner you will want to slow down. As you apporach the corner you will want to fold the corner at 45 degrees. (see photo below) This allows you to get the adjoining hideout of the way for the serger needles. It also creates a nice corner for the pillow. You will do this for the corners for the top and bottom. 

After all eight seams have been sewn flip inside out. If it's the liner then stuff with memory foam. If you are making the pillow case then stuff with the pillow you made.


STEP 4-Last but not least enjoy! 

Links to the materials I used:

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