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Order Processing 10-14 days
Order Processing 10-14 days
Setting aside business to serve others

Setting aside business to serve others

Over the last few years I have had a SEWcial Misson part of my business to serve others with the time and talents here at Sharp Plant Designs. I have been able to help out a few folks along the way.

At the beginning of this year I sat down and wrote out the goals I wanted to cultivate this year. One of my goals I wanted to focus on growing and being intentional with was serving others with my time and talents, growing the SEWcial Mission. For as long as I can remember serving others has been an important part of who I am as person and how I want my company to run. I truly believe in being the change you want to see in the world. 

As my anxiety began to grow as COVID-19 infections rates grew, schools shutdown and my husband who is a Navy Civilian continues to go into the Pentagon for work. I felt more and more out of control and had a full blown panic attack.

 I regrouped my thoughts and thought about what was happening. Schools are begging to close for an extended period of time if not the rest of the academic year. I thought to myself eventually business are going to close, which will most likely disrupt my supply chain. My kids are also at home full time which means I'm also facilitating their education.

I needed to reprioritize where I was going to put my intentions, time, and energy. Also at the same time I started to see people who were in need of sewn face masks to put over their N95s or use with surgical masks. 

I looked at my shelves of fabric and thought to myself, t-shirts and snacks bags aren't going to benefit anyone right now. What will benefit someone, specifically healthcare workers and first responders are masks. I have supplies, machinery, skills, and logistics to be able to support this. 

I made the decision to close to new orders March 20, 2020. I sent out an email and announced I was shutting down to make masks.

Then I had three neighbors volunteer to help me make the masks ,a couple more volunteer to wash fabric. In the first week we have produced and shipped about 500 masks. In the first week total requests are about 1,700 masks. They have been going all over the country to different facilities, healthcare providers, and first responders.

I only expect the requests for mask to grow significantly as the number of cases grown. The lack of proper PPE for healthcare workers becomes more significant. 

Each mask cost about $7 to make and ship out. I want to be able to not only fulfill current requests but also fulfill future requests I expect in the coming weeks. The demand is greater than what I thought. I need help covering the costs of the materials and shipping.


If you would like to help cover the cost of masks please click on the PayPal link. **please uncheck the box that say paying for goods and services so PayPal does take a service fee**



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