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Crafty Answers-Teacher Gifts and Valentine's Day

Crafty Answers-Teacher Gifts and Valentine's Day

Welcome to Crafty Answers! This is the first article written in what I hope to be w bi-monthly series where I answer your questions and help solve your craft problems. 

First Question Comes from Kelly:

Kelly's Mom was a teacher for many years and ended up with a closet of tumblers, apple themed gifts that she never used. 

Here are some fun gifts that teachers will will hopefully find more useful than not. 

Thank you Cards
You may get a thank you card from the teacher for a set of thank you cards but you know that it's something they use. Especially if every student in class gives them a gift.  Using blank gift cards and some stamps from Melissa and Doug my kids had in their art drawer I made some thank you cards. 
Depending on the age of your kid this is somethings that they can definitely participate and make. 
I took the blank cards and stamped the cards and envelopes along the bottom. Made 4 sets of notes and envelopes and tied them up with raffia ribbon.

    Post-It Note/ Sticky Notes

    Office Supplies are always something that I'm using on a regular basis. Post-It Notes are always something being used for writing notes to myself. Here is a cute printable that you can use 








    Thank you for Helping me Bloom
    Thank you for Sticking with Me




     Note Pad





    If you have to write a note home, make a note to yourself, etc. It's always helpful to have a note pad to have. Having a notepad is helpful to have. You can print this out cut in half and staple at the top. 





     Classroom Wishlist

    This is something you can give to your child's teacher and ask them to fill out. Often times teachers are putting their own financial resources into your kids classroom. This makes gift giving for your child's teacher easy because you have a list of items they will use in the class.
    Download Here


    Valentine's Day Fun
    Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Here are some fun Valentine's Day items.
    Here are some fun printable to decorate for Valentine's Day. 
    Valentine's for your teachers.
    My oldest loved these. "Because it's an apple and a heart"
    Valentines For your Mom Friends
    After you're done with school you don't really exchange Valentines with your friends anymore. Let's bring that back with some fun Mom-themed Valentines day cards that are printable. 





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